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Tumbled Stones



This is the alternative to get a nice piece of Larimar at a relatively low price. Since the production of tumbled stones is mainly done by machinery, the surface is not as smooth as handcrafted and it is common to find parts of bedrock.

We offer tumbled Larimar in standard quality. Premium quality is very difficult to produce and therefore is not available in large quantities. Prices vary according to quality.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

CON Tu 001
Code : Con Tu 001
Name : Larimar Tumbled
Quality : Premium, Standard, Economical
Approx size in mm : Variable
Approx weight in grams : From 2 to 30 gms
Although every effort has been made to faithfully reproduce the true color of our items, due to lightening and photographic variances, as well as Larimar being a natural gemstone, we cannot guarantee the exact appearance and color you see here.
Since the silver work and many Larimar items are handcrafted, there can be small differences in appearance of products.

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