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Standard and Premium Jewelry

Many of the products shown here at our online catalogue are specially created, designed and produced by Larimar Conlight.
Our Standard and Premium Jewelry is made in different countries, in order to offer our customers a wide range of designs, settings and styles.
In both categories, we use a standard and premium quality of Larimar stone. The differences between the Standard and the Premium Jewelry are:
Premium Jewelry, the design and the setting are different from the standard, because we work with different German professional goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewelry designers, who create for us elegant, smart and modern designs. We produce this category on a smaller scale.
Standard Jewelry is made exclusively for Larimar Conlight, in different countries as a major production.

In our both categories, we offer pendants, rings, earrings (studs and dangles), necklaces and bracelets (silver, bead bracelets, and bangles).

We sell our jewelry made with silver 925 or higher, a standard in all our products. Be assured that you are buying the best in Larimar jewelry.

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