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Handcrafted Items    
Handcrafted Items



Larimar Conlight offers a wide range of handmade items. We select different qualities of rough Larimar and give it to skilled workers. They work with this material and create these handcrafted items, not on a huge scale like a factory, but with individual skill and as natural as possible.

Spheres and Dolphins
These items are very precious and made with accurate high quality hand work. They are made taking care of the color and different patterns of Larimar. These items are only available in small quantities, due to the long and elaborate production process.

Polished Shapes
Our polished freeform shapes don't have regular geometric shapes; rather they follow the natural form of the stone and the lapidary vision and experience of the crafters. We also offer handcrafted special shapes like hearts, drops, triangles, etc. They are double side polished (similar as double cabochons), drilled or not, as the customers require.

These “Larimar Angels“ are also freeform polished shapes (both sides), but in very natural and singular forms which are not often found. The stone is carefully selected by an expert Larimar artisan; afterwards, they are cut and hand polished according to the "angel energy" which each piece carries. These pieces have thin bedrock (crust) around it.

"Follow the light with an angel guide"

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