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Beads strands    
Beads strands



Larimar Conlight is one of the few companies in the world, producing Larimar beads in large quantities. Cutting Larimar beads is costly and laborious. We have a tremendous loss of material when we cut calibrated round beads or some other elaborate shapes like rondelle or fancy shaped beads.

Not every type of Larimar stone is adequate to cut beads, therefore it is very hard to have at hand the convenient material to produce beads. The finishing of each round or fancy shape bead is handmade; consequently you always get a unique handmade item.

We produce round, rondelle smooth, and some fancy shaped beads.

Irregular forms or non calibrated beads strands:

We offer baroque-type beads (roundish shapes), in different sizes. This shape is also hand-crafted, but not calibrated.

The Rondelle-Heishi beads strands are nearly calibrated beads. Hand-crafted.

We also produce freeform beads and nugget beads, in different sizes. Hand-crafted.

We sell our beads as strands (unfinished). Length: some strands, 18 inches (46 cm) and some approx. 16 inches (40 cm).

Necklaces, to be made to customer’s specifications. With silver findings and separators, at no additional cost.

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