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Larimar Conlight

Larimar Conlight has been specializing in Larimar, the Atlantis Stone, for many years, investigating its different attributes and potential. We create, design and produce different items in this unique gemstone. Larimar Conlight supplies to wholesalers and retailers all over the world. We also participate in several international gem shows and metaphysical shows and events.

The name Conlight is a combination of Con (with) + light (brightness and radiance) and the purpose of this company is reflected in the meaning of its name.

Larimar Conlight is widely respected by suppliers and customers alike, for its commitment to quality and fair and honest business practices. Materials are sourced directly from Conlight Caribe, a branch in the Dominican Republic, which ensures that products are readily available whenever required. Larimar Conlight also employs a number of artisans and silversmiths in Asia, whose excellent quality of work reflects the good relationship and the sharing of values that both parties enjoy.

The beautiful gemstones offered by Larimar Conlight are of high quality and have not manipulated by heating, coloration or any other artificial process. Our range of products include tumbled stones, freeform handmade slabs, cabochons, beads, spheres, pyramids, carvings, necklaces, jewelry, and many other items.


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